From our offices in Stavanger and Stockholm, we deliver digital products and services to local, national and international customers. Most of all, we thrive for simple and user-friendly solutions and complex challenges. We focus on a transparent process and being a dependable partner for agencies and others in need of development work.

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Our own products

Selected projects

Wingform AB


Vue.js, Firebase, Stripe,

Wingform breaks the boundaries of conventional aircraft sales with new, transparent, secure aircraft sales platform.
Aircraft owners and Brokers alike, can move into a structured, secure and efficient platform for trading aircraft in an otherwise unregulated and complex industry.


Norwegian Petroleum

WordPress®, ZingChart, Nginx, Algolia®, Leaflet

An easy-to-use and fact-based website under the auspices of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. Here the interested readers can learn more about the Norwegian energy sector, production, transmission and consumption of energy in Norway.


The Beatles Experience


A unique and detailed exhibition of the most popular and influential music catalogs throughout the ages. Launched on The Beatles famous arrival for streaming.

We have contributed to the development and construction of a seamless solution together with Tidal's music streaming.



Odoo, Wordpress

A visit to Flor & Fjære is a visit to the family’s garden. Built with passion over three generations, our garden has grown from a windswept homestead to a colorful oasis – and here we love to receive guests!

Yearbuyyear AS


Laravel, Stripe, Mandrill

Crowdsurf allows fans to provide monthly financial support to their favorite artists. No intermediary only artists and fans working closely together to achieve great things.

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